Well Woman Care
In today's world it is easy to ignore your body, assuming that you
can take a pill or have a surgery that will bring you right back to
your accustomed  state of health. Unfortunately, as good as
modern doctors and medical technology have become, they are
still not as good as living everyday to  maximize your health.

Maintaining good dental health, being conscientious about eating
the right foods in the proper amounts, getting regular exercise,
and appropriate amounts of sleep are all important ways to
maintain your health.
Our Lifestyles Weight Loss program can help
you achieve your goals.
Monthly breast self examination, annual
exams, and regular pap smears all help you and your doctor
assure that you are not developing some of the common health
problems that affect women. As you age adding mammograms,
colonoscopies, and  bone density tests are also recommended.  
Cholesterol and diabetes screening is done depending on your
age and risk factors.

Most adults do not consider the importance of maintaining
vaccinations. However, in addition to the usual childhood
vaccinations, you should also  consider getting vaccinations
against human papilloma virus, herpes zoster (shingles), annual
influenza vaccine, and tri-annual pneumonia vaccine.

With advances in genetics, we are now able to offer  breast and
ovarian cancer gene screening through
Myriad Genetics. A
screening questionare is available on their website or in our office
to determine your eligibility for testing. The test is administered in
the privacy of our office and results are given in person.
Prevention and early detection strategies are available for breast
and ovarian cancers and will be discussed with you as necessary.

Your mental and emotional health are crucial in maintaining your
physical health and well-being.  The company of others, having a
pet, regular  prayer or meditation, and laughter have all been
shown to improve your health.

Health is a life-long journey. Welcome to the next step.