With childbirth, repetitive lifting, weight gain and going through
menopause, losing urine becomes more frequent.  About 25% to
45% of women suffer from urinary incontinence, defined as leakage
at least once in the past year. The rates of urinary incontinence
increase with age: 20%-30% of young women , 30%-40% of
middle-aged women, and up to 50% of older women suffer from
urinary incontinence.

Types of Urinary Incontinence

Leaking of urine occurs when abdominal pressure is increased.
Coughing, sneezing, standing, jogging, and lifting cause loss of
urine either in small or large amounts.

Leaking of urine occurs when you first feel like you need to urinate.
 It is difficult to make it to the bathroom without losing at least a
little urine.

Overactive Bladder
Urinary frequency and urgency, with or without urge incontinence.

Untimely urination because of physical disability, external
obstacles, or problems in thinking or communicating that prevent a
person from reaching a toilet.  

Unexpected leakage of small amounts of urine because of an
over-full bladder.

A combination of stress and urge incontinence together. The
proportions of incontinence vary by individual.

Leakage that occurs temporarily because of a situation that will
pass such as a urinary infection or taking a new medication.


At Canterbury Women's Health Care we have the ability to perform
complete urologic evaluations including multi-channel
cystometrograms, electro-myograms, uro-flowometry, and
urethroscopy.  This enables us to differentiate between the types
of incontinence to help determine the best course of treatment to
cure or reduce your incontinence.


The most appropriate treatment for you will depend on the type of
incontinence  you have and your individual needs. Medication
maybe your best option. Pelvic floor therapy and bladder training
programs may be your best choice.  We also do surgery either by
itself or in combination with hysterectomy or other vaginal surgery.
As always you will have an active choice in deciding what is best
for you and your lifestyle.