Endometrial ablation is a procedure where the
endometrium (lining of the uterus) is destroyed. It is
primarily used to cure excessive bleeding at the time of
menses or bleeding between periods. Having started doing
endometrial ablations in 1988 and having tried a number of
hysteroscopic procedures to reduce or eliminate abnormal
 bleeding, Dr. Noel and Dr. Bergmann have chosen the
Novasure ablation as the one most suitable for their

The NovaSure procedure is a quick, safe, simple, one-time
endometrial ablation treatment. This minimally invasive
procedure controls heavy bleeding by using energy to
remove the lining of the uterus. The average treatment
time is about 90 seconds, and only needs to be performed
once to reduce or stop your periods. No pretreatment
drugs are required and NovaSure can be performed in the
hospital or in our office under local anesthetic.

Without the side effects of hormones or the risks of
hysterectomy, NovaSure has a quick recovery time so you
can get back to your life sooner. Most women experience
no pain after the procedure, and can return to work and
regular activities the next day.

NovaSure reduces bleeding and much more
With more than 1,00,000 patients treated to date,
NovaSure is proven safe and successful. A clinical trial
has shown that more than 9 out of 10 women return to
normal or lower than normal bleeding levels following
treatments with NovaSure. For some women, their periods
even stopped completely.

Many women also experienced a reduction in PMS and
painful periods, as well as other benefits such as less
anxiety, greater self-confidence, and a boost in energy.
NovaSure clinical trial post treatment survey results

45% reduction in women reporting PMS
64% reduction in women reporting pain
68% reduction in women reporting anxiety
71% reduction in women reporting
a lack of self-confidence
Nearly 4 fold reduction in women reporting
a lack of energy

Many women find that treatment with NovaSure frees
them up to enjoy more of what life has to offer. According
to the NovaSure clinical trial post treatment survey, 4 out
of 5 women report spending more time at work and daily
activities and missing fewer social and athletic events
because of heavy bleeding.

A million women to date have chosen NovaSure to reduce
or eliminate their heavy periods and improve their quality
of life. Women are very pleased with the results of the
NovaSure procedure; 97% say they would recommend
NovaSure to other women.
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