Dr Noel and Dr Bergmann have been practicing minimally
invasive surgery since the 1980's. They have long
believed that the smallest incisions and the least
manipulation of tissues will enable patients to recover
more quickly and successfully from surgery. In 2009 they
added da Vinci Robotic surgery to their repertoire. They
have been impressed that patients seem to have even
less pain and are able to get back to normal activities
even more quickly than their  least invasive laproscopic
surgeries.  They are currently using the da Vinci robot for
hysteectomies, myomectomies, severe endometriosis,
and severe abdominal and pelvic adhesions. They
expect to do more of these surgeries as new equipment
becomes locally available.
For more information about robotic assisted
procedures, please visit the Intuitive Surgical website
Gynecologic Procedures.